To All:

I have been working on getting Michigan a WW1 Centennial Commission but have run into some problems. I was wondering if you and your organizations could help?
I am starting a “Grass Roots” movement to get the Governor to start the paper work so that a WW1 Centennial Commission can be set up. I have been in contact with the Governor’s office and the Michigan Historical Commission regarding this centennial commission. This is not a high priority to the Governor or the Michigan legislature, I would like to make it one.
WW1 veterans and their contributions seem to have been forgotten by the country and the state. First, the Bonus Army in the 1930’s was roughed up, then World War Two came and provided a whole new veteran population, at the 50 year mark, (1967-69) The Peace Movement was in full force beside the Viet Nam Conflict and now as we approach 100 years everybody seems to have forgotten or shows no interest in WW1.
I am trying to get a State Centennial Commission set up to:
Vision of the WW1 Commission:

The World War I Centennial Commission would: (1) plan, develop, and execute programs, projects, and activities to commemorate the centennial of World War I; (2) encourage private organizations and state and local governments to organize and participate in such activities; (3) facilitate and coordinate such activities throughout Michigan; and (4) serve as a clearinghouse for the collection and dissemination of information about centennial events and plans; and (5) develop commemoration recommendations for the Government of Michigan.
The Imperial War Museum in London has already set up a group that is organizing at the international level, The National World War One Museum in Kansas City is planning and doing events at the National level but nothing is being done at the state and local level. Please help me change this!

If you are not familiar with WW1 and what Michigan contributed to it, please watch this documentary film I made about one regiment from Detroit.
There are more stories out there like this.

This is also a get way for your organization to get some free press, help fund raising and recruiting and learn their history.

I look forward to talking to you about the WW1 Centennial Commission.

Dennis Skupinski